Kickstarting A New Record

My Kickstarter campaign only has 58 hours left and it’s tantalizingly close! In the past week we’ve had more than 60 new backers and we’re now well over the 2/3 mark, 217 backers so far. Can we pull off the final 1/3 in … Continue reading

5 Rap Songs That Could Be Fringe Anthems

Here’s my recent Scotsman blog outlining the five rap songs that capture something distinctive about the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

A Brief History of Rhyme

In early May I gave a talk at TEDxNavesink in New Jersey, entitled “A Brief History of Rhyme,” detailing the emergence of polysyllabic rhyme patterns in both hip-hop and traditional literature. The talk was based on ideas I explored in … Continue reading

New Shoots

Yesterday Jamie and I performed at the Octagon Theatre in Perth, the third stop on our nine-city Rap Guide to Evolution Down Under tour, including the Sydney Opera House June 18-21. Here’s all of the tour dates if you’re in Oz or … Continue reading

Evolution and Inequality

I get emails from creationists occasionally, mostly good-natured ones rather than hate mail, but always disputatious in nature (of course). Recently I engaged in a dialogue with a family friend who is a creationist of the “your faith in science … Continue reading