Confessions of a Skeptic

    I believe in the scientific method… Watch “Confessions of a Skeptic” on: YouTube  |  Facebook The timing of this release might seem odd since it isn’t explicitly about the most important election in modern history, which is tomorrow. Americans have … Continue reading

Senescence – New Music Video

Senescence Has Arrived With my 40th birthday coming up later this month, it’s high time for a rap music video about the evolutionary biology of aging. Why do our bodies degenerate as we age, giving us a natural life span? … Continue reading

off-Broadway Until August

Bill Nye’s Hot Take on Rap Guide to Consciousness After fifty-five off-Broadway performances in New York since March 1st, I took a short break over the past few weeks for some family time, and also to attend the legendary Sci Foo … Continue reading

Extending Consciousness

Deepak Chopra and Freestyle Battles… Oh My! Broadway World just announced a one-month extension for Rap Guide to Consciousness at the Soho Playhouse, with off-Broadway shows added until May 31st. If you have a social media channel, please share the good news! And here’s … Continue reading

Adventures in Consciousness

Consciousness in New York Two weeks ago I performed my favourite gig since moving to NYC in 2011. The venue was BAM, a 2,200 seat concert hall in Brooklyn, and it was sold out for Neil deGrasse Tyson’s StarTalk Radio … Continue reading