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New Release: The Rap Guide to Religion

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The Rap Guide to Religion is a hip-hop concept album about the evolution of religious instincts, featuring production from Mr. Simmonds, Soulful Spider, and Tom Caruana and guest appearance by Greydon Square and Gaiaisi. If the answer to the number one BIG QUESTION of religion is “no”, what other questions are worth asking? This album tackles the OTHER big questions of religion, such as “How did faith evolve?”, “Does it serve any adaptive purpose today?”, and “Is religion an adaptation, a byproduct of an adaptation, or a virus of the mind?”

With lyrics that were “peer reviewed” for accuracy by experts in the field of Evolutionary Religious Studies, Rap Guide to Religion offers fifteen tracks of mind-blowing science and auditory irreverence from a truly unique voice in hip-hop.


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Baba Brinkman and Heather Berlin Live at The China Cloud, Vancouver, Sept 9th

Upcoming Concert:

Sept 9th 2015 @ The China Cloud, 524 Main Street, Vancouver
Doors 7:30pm, showtime 8pm, $15 cover
Facebook Event:

ott-web-03Baba Brinkman & Heather Berlin just finished a critically-acclaimed run at the Edinburgh Fringe 2015, and they will be performing at China Cloud in Vancouver one night only.

“An inspiring and wonderfully entertaining show from beginning to end… an absolute jewel.”
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ — Mumble Comedy

First: “Off The Top” is a science/comedy hour co-hosted by Baba and Heather, exploring the neuroscience of improvisation and humour, and the odd-couple mash-up of science and rap in their marriage. Reviews and more info here:

“An invigorating hour… smart, funny, well-sustained”
★ ★ ★ ★ — The Times

baba-poster-smSecond: After an intermission, Baba will perform his new rap/science/comedy show ”Rap Guide to Climate Chaos”, which explores the science and politics of global warming. Reviews and more info here:

Deftly-worded… close to perfect… an artist at the absolute top of their game.”
★ ★ ★ ★ ★—The Skinny

Stimulate your brain and your funny bone with a night of laughs, lyrics, and love-of-learning.

Tickets $15 on the door

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What’s Beef? (Climate Change Version) – Music Video

My new show “Rap Guide to Climate Chaos” is now playing at the Edinburgh Fringe. For those of you who can’t come see it live, here’s a music video for one of the songs, featuring everyone’s favourite front-runner. RIP Biggie Smalls. Please share!

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Drama Desk Award Nomination!


I’m excited to announce that Rap Guide to Religion was recently nominated for a Drama Desk Award in the category of “Unique Theatrical Experience.” Director/Producer Darren Lee Cole and myself both got spiffy certificates at the nomination reception, and we will find out on May 31st at the awards ceremony whether or not we get the prize. Competition is fierce, but it’s good to know that a scientifically peer-reviewed hip-hop comedy about the evolutionary origins of religion is at least a contender in the “uniqueness” category.

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The Rap Guide to Medicine Album Release



April 30, 2015 (New York, NY) – The Center for Evolutionary Medicine (CEM) at Arizona State University has combined resources with the International Society for Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health (ISEMPH), San Francisco’s Perlstein Lab, and the Society for Applied Microbiology (SfAM) in the UK, to sponsor the creation of a unique art/science collaboration. The result is The Rap Guide to Medicine by award-winning rap artist Baba Brinkman, a collection of songs that explore themes of health and disease from an evolutionary perspective – both a hip-hop gem and a great teaching resource.

The Rap Guide to Medicine takes a hard-edged look at the roots of illness, tracing many of the body’s vulnerabilities back to its evolutionary history. As the opening track declares: “Disease itself is not the adaptation, but you need adaptations to explain why we get sick.” The album features clever parasites, rebellious cancer cells, diseases of modernity, the evolution of aging, and a sufferer of cystic fibrosis who uses the “gene’s eye view” to come to terms with his illness. Baba Brinkman’s premiere performance at the 2015 ISEMPH Conference in Tempe, AZ received a complete standing ovation from a room full of 300 scientists.

The album was produced by the UK’s Mr. Simmonds and vetted for scientific accuracy by several experts from the Society, led by Randolph M. Nesse, co-author with George C. Williams of the seminal evolutionary medicine text Why We Get Sick. Nesse commented: “This is amazing. I won’t need to teach my course, I’ll just have students listen to the album! Seriously, I’d like to see every doctor in the world get a copy, as a gift from their patients.”

The Rap Guide to Medicine is now available from iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp. Watch the music video for the lead single Gene’s Eye View here: and the video for “So Infectious” here:

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NY Times Review and Extension

Rap Guide to Religion continues its successful run at the Soho Playhouse, with an awesome new review and “critics’ pick” designation by the New York Times. The show is now confirmed to run until March 29th!

Religion NY Times Review

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Rap Guide to Religion Extends

Religion Poster Web


My latest off-Broadway production, “Rap Guide to Religion,” begins its extended run this week, with shows confirmed until the end of February. Check out the brand new website for the show, with updated “bad boy fallen angel” artwork, and the new theatrical trailer on YouTube. Please view and share and comment and like and all that good stuff!

Also, if you have already seen the show, please take a moment to leave a comment and rating on Time Out New York’s listing page. Every butt we can get into a seat will make for a warmer winter and a more enjoyable run, and with a great new publicity team on board I’m excited to see where we can take it.

As for my next projects, stay tuned for new music releases and play premieres from the Canadian rap troubadour in 2015, and for now here’s a recent interview in The Progressive Magazine about how education, environmentalism, religion, and rap music come together.

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Religion and Wilderness

My new album, The Rap Guide to Wilderness, is about to drop, and my off-Broadway play, The Rap Guide to Religion, continues its off-Broadway run here in New York, so I’m sharing some new links of goodness with you fine people.

Check out the album review article from Mother Nature Network: “Brinkman’s talent for placing smart lyrics over a complex and pleasing groove is unquestioned here.”

Watch me entertain 5,000 delegates with a “rap up” (written and performed on the spot) at the World Parks Congress in Sydney, Australia, jamming with Fijian drummers and an aboriginal didgeridoo player at their closing ceremony.

And if you haven’t seen it, check out the music video for “Tranquility Bank” featuring Aaron Nazrul from the Boom Booms.

I’m also in the process of booking tours and performances for 2015 right now, so please reach out if you have a venue or event in mind for any of my various “rap guides”.

The Rap Guide to Religion continues at the Soho Playhouse in New York, running until December 13th. Get tickets here.
The Rap Guide to Wilderness official digital release is on December 16th. Pre-order the album now from iTunes.
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Wilderness Sneak Preview

Here’s an exclusive sneak preview of my new album: The Rap Guide to Wilderness.

The project is a celebration of wild nature and its impact on human wellbeing, commissioned by the Wild Foundation. Download the album for free or pay what you like, with 50% of the profits donated to the Wild Foundation for conservation activities. The official release date is December 16th, but you lucky people get exclusive access weeks in advance, AND you get first peek at my new music video for the song “Tranquility Bank” featuring Aaron Nazrul from the Boom Booms. Click the image below or click here to watch it, and share share share.

“I keep the wild in my tranquility bank”

I’m also doing a publicity push in advance of the December 16th official album release, so if any of you know of a blog or media outlet that might be keen to review the album or chronicle the birth of eco-rap, please pass on the links or put us in touch. Thanks to some seriously talented musical collaborators this record represents a rare mix of infectious tunes and inspirational messages and I hope it spreads far and wide. Enjoy!

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Rapping for Wilderness

Support The Rap Guide to Wilderness on IndieGogo

I’ve been working full-tilt on my new record, The Rap Guide to Wilderness, which will premiere at the World Parks Congress in less than two weeks. We’re in the end-phase of producing it, and the WILD Foundation is still raising money through IndieGogo to help cover production costs, with cool perks and exclusive early access to the record. The campaign ends tomorrow night so please use the link above to support!

This album has honestly been a joy to work on, with guest vocals and instrumentation by The Boom Booms and Tia Brazda and Todd Reynolds, and production by Lin G who I worked with on ”Apocalyptic Utopian Dreams”. The Wilderness songs are also kid-friendly, eco-positive, and very catchy, so I hope we’ve got a green hip-hop revolution on our hands!

In other great news, The Rap Guide to Religion has officially been extended off-Broadway until December 13th. We had a couple of positive reviews (with interesting qualifications) from Sinai and Synapses and Theatre is Easy, and I’m excited to continue spreading the good word about religion’s naturalistic origins, and possible future evolution.

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