Cooperation Time

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I recently recorded a rap song for my mother Joyce Murray’s campaign for Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. If you don’t know what she’s about, go to her website and encounter the awesomeness (just today she was endorsed by David Suzuki!). If you know and you’re already a fan (and a Canadian), I need your help to make a music video for the song!

Here are the instructions for the videos I need. Please forward widely and quickly!

1. Download or stream the song from here:

2. Play the song on any speakers, and film yourself on a camera phone singing along with the chorus only (it starts at 0:57). Frame the video head and shoulders, the same as the generic Facebook Icon, in a well-lit place. The sound doesn’t matter since this is a music video. What matters is lip-syncing in time with the music!

Here are the lyrics:

Politicians have got to know
We want cooperation
Stephen Harper has got to go
Together we can make him

Politicians have got to know
We want cooperation
Stephen Harper has got to go
Tell a fellow Canadian

3. Do a little funny/happy dance for ten seconds on camera after the chorus ends. Video length: about 30 seconds.

4. Repeat this process with three friends, one video each. The more diversity in age, ethnicity, gender, and personal style the better.

5. Upload the videos to (free to join), put it in a folder, and share it with me at info(at)babasword(dot)com

6. Wait 2-3 days for the video to be released on YouTube, featuring you and many others, all supporting Joyce.

Hurry please! The supporter signup deadline is on March 3rd and I want to make this video go viral at least a week in advance!



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