Darwin’s America

We’re Making a Movie!

You heard it here first: we’re making a feature documentary about the Rap Guide to Evolution. The film, provisionally titled “Darwin’s America,” will be produced by Creative Chaos Ventures, a New York company whose most recent doc “Casting By” was a film festival favourite and HBO selection. Darwin’s America will follow The Rap Guide to Evolution as we tour the show to the places it’s needed most: the American South and current hotspots of “creationism vs evolution” conflict. Our aim is to engage and entertain, not belittle, and to explore the question: can a performance succeed where traditional arguments and education have failed to make an impact on people’s views about evolution?

The film commences shooting next week with my gig at Mississippi State University for their “Darwin Week” celebrations, followed by a show (for contrast) at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. The rest of the tour stops will be spread through March and April with some additional filming in July, and we are aiming to include gigs in Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana, Kentucky and Oklahoma, plus there is still space to add more locations, which is where you come in. If you know of a venue or an organization anywhere in America (red states preferred, but not required) that would like to host a Rap Guide to Evolution performance in March or April, please get in touch. Because of the film and the short lead time I can do the gigs for a fraction of my normal fee.

It’s exciting to be part of a project with a wide open and uncertain outcome, and I’ll keep you posted as the tour and filming process unfolds!

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