The scientifically-informed search for a mate in the modern world.

Ingenious Nature

Everyone’s looking for love, or sex, occasionally even both. Evolutionary psychology claims to explain why, and how this state of affairs came about. But can it help us find the right one? A young man decides to take the “science of mating” seriously in his quest for a happy ending. Will the theory work in practice? It turns out, ovulation studies can make for awkward first date conversation. Premiering off-Broadway in November 2012, Ingenious Nature is now available for bookings.

Amiable and energetic—New York Times

Feels like a mash-up of “Schoolhouse Rock” and “Sex and the City” as performed by a young Eminem... impressively delivered—New Yorker

A brilliant and bizarre new theatrical mix-tape—Theater Mania

One of the more interactive shows to be found off-Broadway—Lighting and Sound America

A number of refreshingly daring elements make this a unique theatrical experience.—Associated Press

Provoking controversy appears to be what [Baba] does best—

Brilliant and bewildering—Curtain Up

Bravely tackles the subject of human sexuality... winkingly funny—Exeunt Magazine