The Canterbury Tales Remixed

News news and more news!

First, I have good friends in need of your help. Aaron Nazrul and the Boom Booms are an amazing Vancouver-based band I helped to launch, and their music is released on my record label. They are short-listed in a competition that could award them $100,000 of professional development money to make a new album and music video and organize a tour to Brazil, but to win they need your online vote! You can learn more here, or vote directly here. The Boom Booms have helped me with lots of my hip-hop tracks (here’s my favourite one), so if you appreciate my music please help them in return!

Second, the Rap Guide to Business is now officially released, with a swanky digital booklet and everything. You can get it from Bandcamp and iTunes and other digital stores, and soon every single MBA student at the NYU Stern School of Business will have a physical copy in their hands to help them become shrewd *and* conscientious entrepreneurs. With the Occupy Wall Street movement recently taking over New York City, the album’s anti-malfeasance track “Vacuums” seems especially timely.

Third, I can announce an exciting new development in my off-Broadway saga here in New York. The Soho Playhouse has optioned a six-week run of a new show called “The Canterbury Tales Remixed”, which will combine some new writing with the best material from my previous two rap/literature shows, The Rap Canterbury Tales and Rapconteur. Previews of the new show will commence on November 23rd, with the official  opening on December 1st. Check the Soho Playhouse website for more updates, and if you’re in NYC this winter come see me performing Gilgamesh, Beowulf, and The Canterbury Tales!

Finally, we are entering the last four weeks of shows for The Rap Guide to Evolution, which will continue at the Soho Playhouse only until November 6th. If you were planning to catch it, or know someone who was, now is the time to act! The New York Times called the Rap Guide “Astonishing and brilliant” and the response so far has been amazing, especially since the show is a pro-science polemic and passionate tribute to Charles Darwin and his contributions to human knowledge and self-determination. For a show that nerdy to also succeed in a public theatre run is a testament to the rise of wise. As 50 Cent recently said on Twitter: “Smart is the new Gangsta”!

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