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The Rap Guide to Evolution

A hip-hop inspired tour of modern evolutionary biology, winner of the Scotsman Fringe First Award in Edinburgh and nominated for a Drama Desk Award off-Broadway. Baba Brinkman’s original peer-reviewed rap show combines the skills and charisma of a live MC with the precision of a scientist. Now available for touring, contact with enquiries. Click here for show production website. See New York audience reviews of the show at

Hawking and rap make science hip (hop)—New Scientist

"The NWA of DNA - Interesting, intelligent and funny hip-hop about evolutionary theory." —Scientific American

★★★★ Totally original and thought-provoking. Dope, data-filled raps that incorporate Darwin, DNA and a Dead Prez sing-along. Smart, funny and seriously meta!—Time Out New York

A total Dar-winner! As fun as it is’ll probably sing along!—New York Post

Astonishing and brilliant... with fizzing energy and spell-binding charisma!—The New York Times

Engaging and rhythmic... It’s hard to beat the combination of evolution and hip hop!—The New York Times – Science, June 27, 2011

Both brainy and entertaining... Genuine passion, curiosity & analytical skills!—The New York Times – Theatre, June 27, 2011

"Brilliantly conceived and effervescently performed…not only is it factually correct, it's also dazzlingly intelligent…after seeing this show, you'll never look at a hip-hop music video in the same way again!" ★★★★—The Scotsman

"Brinkman is an excellent performer, combining the boyish energy of a rapper with the clever wit of a comedian and the intelligence of a lecturer to create an excellent production, which could be a new and exciting art form." ★★★★—

"Instantly accessible, destroying creationism through the music of The Notorious BIG, Dead Prez, Mobb Deep, and his own flows, it's an entertaining and scientifically accurate display of lyrical dexterity. Perfect for your inner science geek." ★★★★—The List

"As lyrically ingenious as it is scientifically accurate, the show caters for rap fans and biology enthuiasts alike. If life on the Fringe is indeed comparable to Darwin's survival of the fittest (as Brinkman would have us believe), then this show ought to be raking in bigger audiences each day, ultimately triumphing above its weaker competitors." ★★★★—Three Weeks

"One of the worldʼs great intelligent rappers…what Baba does is amazing - his knowledge of rap genres and styles is encyclopaedic…a flash of verbal fireworks." ★★★★ —Broadway Baby

"Baba Brinkman makes evolutionary science not only accessible but genuinely entertaining. Striking and surprising, but convincing, parallels between the theory of evolution and the theory of rap are tackled, without diluting his material or alientating his audience." ★★★★ —Big Issue Scotland

"The weirdness that is a rap show about evolutionary biology is like the weirdness that is the first appearance of a random genetic mutation. If the mutation turns out to beneficial, it should survive to the next generation; if the show turns out to be popular, Brinkman should be back with another next year." ★★★★ —British Theatre Guide

"Refreshingly original. Brinkman has a light touch and a way with words and rhythm that will appeal to rap aficionados, poetry buffs and anyone interested in science but bored stiff by text books." ★★★ —Metro

"Stimulating and intelligent...Brinkman's rhymes are sometimes Shakespearian in their beauty." ★★★ —Fest Magazine

"There aren't many hip-hoppers who use words like 'mitochondria' and 'phenotype' in their rhymes - but Brinkman wasn't just showing off for clever's sake; this was intelligent, informative and, crucially, hugely entertaining." —Chortle

"Intelligent, entertaining, and passionately performed, Brinkman is as mucha wiz at the science bit as he is at the hip-hop." —Sunday Times

"In a blinding barrage of rhymes that find the missing link between Eminem and Richard Dawkins, the Canadian rapper turns in a brilliant gig-cum-lecture that is as educational as it is novel."—Scotland on Sunday

Other Reviews:

"Sadly reductionist, but [he] finds the courage to sin boldly"— (Christian website)

"An intelligent, lyrical, witty collection of performance poetry that also manages to be an accurate popular-science discussion of modern evolutionary theory and its wider implications"—TREE Journal (Trends in Evolution and Ecology)

"Hip-hop fans and scientists alike should marvel at Canadian Baba Brinkman's ability to distill Darwin's Theory through rapidfire rap routines... Highly-evolved entertainment!" ★ ★ ★ ★ 1/2 —Adelaide Advertiser, Australia

"Brinkman has a sublime knack for making sense of difficult texts... His playful nature and comic timing provides a platform for laugh-out-loud comedy and a toe-tapping treat. Despite the intellectual topic, expect high entertainment."—Glam Adelaide, Australia

"The juxtaposition of hip-hop with Darwin is striking. By boldly making use of hip-hop in a most unusual but still provokative way, Brinkman harmoniously fuses art with evolution" ★ ★ ★ ★ —Time Out Magazine, Hong Kong

"With lyrics that were sometimes sly, often hilarious, and always smart and thought-provoking, Brinkman married the fast, complex, literate delivery of Eminem with the evolutionary expertise and confrontational manner of Dawkins… A mesmerizing performance, one that would probably do more to convince school children of evolution's validity than any BBC or PBS special could… Scientists, science teachers, and anyone evolution has provided with an open mind and a hint of musical rhythm should rush out to see this show if they're fortunate enough for it to make an appearance nearby." —Science Magazine

"A work of genius. Never since Charles Darwin have we had such an eloquent exposition."—Dr. Mark Pallen, Author of The Rough Guide to Evolution

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The Canterbury Tales Remixed

The Canterbury Tales Remixed, written and performed by Baba Brinkman with music and turntablism by Mr. Simmonds and directed by SoHo Playhouse Artistic Director, Darren Lee Cole. Geoffrey Chaucer’s timeless Canterbury Tales comes to vivid life in an “entertaining and brilliant” (Time Out) virtuoso performance linking today’s hip-hop lyrics with the greatest stories ever told. Now available for touring. Contact for enquiries

"'The Canterbury Tales Remixed' is the kind of work that makes off-Broadway hum"—Theatre Scene

“Most rappers boast about their intellect, but few go out and actually get a master’s degree in medieval and Renaissance literature so they can spit better rhymes.” —Huffington Post

“He maintains the essence of Chaucer’s stories and storytelling itself in a fresh way, and his diction and timing capture the Middle Ages’ anachronisms and idiosyncrasies in a way that effortlessly interprets them for a modern audience.” —Backstage

“An audacious hip hop approach to some great literary classics; the show is funny and thoughtful.”—Theater Is Easy

“Not only audacious, but also astute” —Theater Mania

“In his delightful one-man show, Baba Brinkman has unlocked another intimidating masterpiece from the Ivory Tower.”—New York Times

"He turns dusty old works that torture adolescents in classrooms into remarkably current and vivid stories." —Huffington Post

Warriors clash, badass thieves and thugs receive a brutal comeuppance, husbands fight a losing battle against wily wives and seducing lothiarios, villages are plagued by sinister forces of nature.—Show Business Weekly

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The Rap Guide To Religion

Premiering at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014! Baba’s unique brand of peer reviewed rap brings together hip-hop, comedy, and behavioural sciences, striving to make sense of nature’s most unpredictable primate. So what about religious beliefs? Do they provide an evolutionary benefit, or are they nothing but a virus of the mind? A new show about the scientific study of the sacred, with a healthy dose of irreverence. It’s time to eff with the ineffable.
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Off The Top: The Neuroscience of Improv

Premiering at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014! Baba Brinkman teams up with neuroscientist Dr. Heather Berlin to explore the brain basis of improvisation. What’s going on under the hood when a comedian or musician improvises? Why are the spontaneous moments of life always the most memorable? Does anything actually rhyme with Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex? A married couple in real life, Baba and Heather bring you the latest research on brain science and creativity with ridiculously cerebral freestyle rhymes and featured guests mixing their scripted material with unscripted moments of hilarity.
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Previous Shows

Ingenious Nature

Everyone’s looking for love, or sex, occasionally even both. Evolutionary psychology claims to explain why, and how this state of affairs came about. But can it help us find the right one? A young man decides to take the “science of mating” seriously in his quest for a happy ending. Will the theory work in practice? It turns out, ovulation studies can make for awkward first date conversation. Premiering off-Broadway in November 2012, Ingenious Nature is now available for bookings.
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Premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2010. Comedy hip-hop retellings of some of the world's great oral epics, featuring Beowulf, Gilgamesh, and Chaucer's Merchant's Tale, with music by Mr. Simmonds. This production is no longer available for touring, having been re-written and updated as The Canterbury Tales Remixed (above).
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The Rap Guide To Human Nature

Premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2010, this comedy rap sequel to The Rap Guide to Evolution zeros in on human behaviour and evolutionary psychology. The Rap Guide to Human Nature is no longer available for touring, having recently been revised and adapted into the off-Broadway production Ingenious Nature.
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The Rebel Cell

Premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2008.
Co-written with MC Dizraeli, the Rebel Cell is a verse play set in England in the year 2013, a scorching political satire and lyrical debate between Che Guevara-style revolutionary politics and Nelson Mandela-style civil disobedience.

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The Rap Canterbury Tales

Premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2004.
Winner: Three Weeks Editor's Choice Award, Edinburgh 2007.
Combining virtuoso lyricism with physical theatre and dramatic storytelling, Baba Brinkman recreates Chaucer's best-loved Tales in an engaging, accessible, and often hilarious hip-hop style. This performance is no longer available for touring, having recently been fully revised and re-written as The Canterbury Tales Remixed (above).
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